Want to host a running, cycling or multi-sport event but do not know where to begin? Sit down with our Event Management Specialist and develop a step-by-step plan for the tasks that need to be completed to ensure a successful event. Contact us today to schedule a meeting.

Race Timing

Final Lap offers race timing services all types of events. We offer RFID disposable bib chip timg that meets the needs of any size event. Learn More

Event Marketing

Final Lap offers several event marketing services to help make your event successful. Does your event need a webpage? Let us develop a professional looking website customized to your event’s needs. Increase the number of race participants by offering online registration. Let us help setup your online registration. We can share your event on our race calendar and social media sites. Also, advertise your race on our main page as a "Featured Race attracting potential participants. Learn More

Course Related Services

Course related services include design of new race courses, course measurement and course certification. Designing a new course is more than determining a start and finish line. Start and finish line space, width of course route, surface, vehicle traffic and road closures are a few points a race needs to consider while designing a race course. Final Lap can assist the race organizer with the best location and route for new races. For new or existing courses, course measurement will be available. Having a course that is accurate to the distance advertised is very important. Many races advertise their race as a specific distance but it is discovered after the race the course was too short or long. USATF Course Certification will be offered if races choose to have their course certified. Learn More

Online Registration

Let us help by setting up a custom online registration page for your event. You will have full access to the site to download participant information and update information. Learn More